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Koh Pagnang

Sunny and ho

sunny 35 °C

Well here we are on our last day at Lise and we had a great time with touring the island and snorkeling. It is so pretty here and cheap. We rent some shooters and went to different beaches and around the island. Food has been great and so have the drinks. Took a speed boat to the marine national park which was very pretty. Last night we had a pig roast and sent out some lanterns up in the night. Let's just say we are really relaxing. Tomorrow we are off to Bangkok.

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Hot and heavy

sunny 35 °C

Well sorry about the delay in entering another entry. Finished our time in Chiang Mai with a bicycle ride areiund the Botanic garden. It was so beautiful. Presently in Phuket arrived on Monday and boy was it hot and heavy. Humidity is way up there. You start to sweat as soon as you go outside. The resort is great with nice accomodation and close to the beach. We are all feeling the sun. Tuesday spent the day taking it easy by the pool and went for a walk into the town Kamala. Annette and Dave arrived on Tuesday evening. Spent Wednesday by the beach getting red or as some of us say brown( Stefan ). Went out to the PhiPhi island yesterday for some snorkeling. The water was great for this. Did not see Nemo. Though we did see some monkeys. Today we will take it easy as we are all feeling the sun. Will go visite Patong which is the town next to kamala. Tomorrow will be another excursion.

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Elephant ride

sunny 29 °C

Wake up call at 6:00 and had a great breakfast before being picked up for our tour. The driver reminded me of Jackie Chan. We changed vans three times while picking up the others who would join is on our tour. It was a real international group with Canadians (me) a swede Stefan, a couple from the US, two from Norway, one French, one from Switzerland, three from England. Bamboo ride down the river, getting a little wet. Ride on tHe elephants not a comfortable ride ( had the biggest elephant for Stefan). It was a lot of fun. Hiked in the jungle to a waterfall where Stefan went swimming with the young group while I took the pictures. Visited two mountain tribes. Returned to the hotel for 6:00 and took a shuttle bus at 7:00 to go into Chiang Mai for the Sunday Market. So so may people. It was vary interesting seeing all the different type of people. Returned for 10:30 and ready for bed. Weather is great.

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Visiting village

Well spent the day visiting the world village projects which was very interesting. They really appreciated all the school supplies we sent. Tried to make some rice cakes which is one of the village projects. This was a very interesting project and the people are very warm and receptive. Tied to download the pictures on the blog site but it wont work .some are on face book. Look there. Claudette

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26 °C
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Well here we are after 18 hours flying and 28 hours from Winnipeg to the Bangkok airport. It was really nice to have the space that the executive class gave us. Really it went very smoothly. The gentleman sitting behind me on the long flight sure did snore. I think he beats Stefan. Boy we sure got hit when coming out of the airport with heat and humidity.. We are now at the hotel and will need to get up for 8:00 to leave for our flight for Chiang Mai. Oh yep Stefan lost his glasses. No have to get a few hours sleep.

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